Weight Loss

weight loss

Many people are wondering how they might lose weight in Livonia MI. Others are discouraged because they’ve tried every diet, read every book and are tired of the weight loss and gain yo-yo.

Still others are looking into how chiropractic care might help with weight loss, and weight management. Due to the large percentage of the population that deals with obesity, we think they’re on the right track. This being overweight can increase one’s risk of developing diabetes, cancer and other cardiovascular problems. We have found that even when following a weight loss plan, many people have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off. That’s where we come in. Transformation Health offers a safer approach to weight management and weight loss plans. We recommend and help you manage a drug-free approach to helping your body feel healthier, thus lowering your need to consume foods and beverages that may contribute to weight gain. We promote and educate you about establishing a lifestyle of health and wellness. Call now and set a free weight management plan consultation!

How We Manage Weight Loss

Transformation Health treats weight problems in a holistic manner. We begin with a thorough exam to understand any underlying causes of pain or other problems. With these results, we determine and discuss the best treatment strategy with you. We order any necessary tests to determine the root cause of why you can't lose weight. Your plan is developed just for you and is personalized according to your individual needs. For success at weight loss, individuals need to have the help of a holistic health practitioner.

Transformation Health can help everyone learn better methods that result in a healthier lifestyle. This approach to life can help you and your family live fuller and healthier lives, regardless of your genetics and surroundings.



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