Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been going to Dr.Trupp for three months for back problems and for out that I have scoliosis and within maybe a few weeks my lower pains was gone. I recommend everyone who is having problems to go. I just love this office they make it there duty to get to know everyone by name and this office is just a wonderful place."

- Anjellca Shealey

"I've been seeing doctor Trupp for many years and he has been invaluable to the health of myself and my family. He is always gentle and very effective! I watched my son's neck straighten before my eyes when he was a newborn after I noticed he was cocked to one side, likely from position or birth. I threw my back out when he was super tiny as well and he was able to get me back on track quickly. Adjusts my dancer and athlete children and my husband who has more complicated spinal issues. We never walk out hurting and wait times are short to non existent! We love the staff too! 5 stars!"

- Laura Ann Bombard Roush

"Came to see Dr. Trupp for bad headaches, shoulder pain & lower back pain. Tried treating with pills but nothing worked. Since chiropractic care my headaches have improved and the pain is going away. I love that I have more energy too."

- Karen Henton

"I came in with a pinched nerve in the neck. I tried pain medication. It was recommended that I do pain therapy and surgery. Since starting chiropractic care, within 2 weeks I started to resume normal function with little pain. Within 4 weeks of chiropractic care I was functional with no pain! I am very happy with the results, the patient care coordinators, the facility and Dr. Trupps care. I was able to avoid pain therapy, surgery and no am longer on pain medications! WOW!"

- Thomas Rollo



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